Private Alchemy and Seamless Anonymization

Prepare for private alchemy in the Magi realm.

Dive into the Mystique.

Embark on a unique blockchain journey. MagiBot offers more than just a service; it's an experience.

Some numbers
anonymized, this month.

$380,000 was anonymized during the open beta phase available to our early users. The MagiBot team thanks you.

Blockchains supported
Binance Smart Chain
Tokens supported so far

Anonymization in a few clicks with MagiBot

A comprehensive solution for organizing and prioritizing your tasks, to help you boost your productivity and achieve your goals with ease.


Available From Anywhere.

Optimized for Telegram, MagiBot's ergonomic design ensures a seamless experience, accessible from any corner of the globe.

Why make Magi your

MagiBot is forging a privacy network through a Telegram bot, enabling private transactions. Drawing inspiration from Stealth addresses and utilizing Snark technology, Magi provides a legitimate and effective alternative for on-chain privacy

Private network

We assure our users that their information is safe, no personal data nor private key are stored

User Friendly interface

Designed with simplicity and user experience in mind - all you need is a Telegram account

Accessible anywhere

One of the standout features of our bot is its global accessibility - no matter their geographic location


We're building a decentralized gift card service, allowing you to spend your cryptocurrencies while fully preserving your on-chain privacy.

Discover MagiBot Features

Introducing Magibot’s features : Dive into unparalleled transactional privacy with MagiBot.

Q3 - 2023
  • Telegram bot
  • External API
  • Anonymization under 10 minutes
  • Multichain
  • 24/7 support
Q4 - 2023
  • Exclusive collaborations
  • Decentralized gift cards service
  • Crypto Off-ramp service
  • Multi-address sender
  • Privacy-oriented DEX
  • Funds insurance
  • Private LP

What are you waiting for?

Start simplifying your anonymization process right now!

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If so, we developed a white-label solution to meet all your anonymization needs. Send us an email!

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